How can the sensual powers of water be harnessed to offer a calming experience? How can the capture, use, and channeling of water be treasured by all of one's senses as it flows through a building?


A transition between the two vastly different worlds of biking and showering (in public), this project encourages bikers to slow down, listen, and enjoy the haptic pleasures of showering. It cultivates refuge through its mass and material (rammed earth construction), with each stall offering visceral shelter from the adjacent street corner.

Given strict dimensions (8'W x 50'L x 20'H), the project reinforces its massive nature through carved, monumental pyramidal voids that connect all five entries overhead. Water also trickles loudly in this long void while a shower is being used, warning others whenever a stall is in use.

The project faces inward, providing both a node off a path and a symbolic gate into its small courtyard, where a single bald cypress tree waits to receive graywater.


Austin, TX, Spring 2015 (3 weeks), Vertical Studio (Sarah Gamble)

Overhead Photo_B&W.jpg