How can we transform a place for the better? How can we foster a richer reality through poetic building?


We designed, built, and installed a floating campsite in Sea Rim State Park's wetlands, seeking to reveal the unique character of this place through a strategy of contrast. Human-made and temporary, like all building, FLOAT reveals meaningful qualities of this place that would otherwise go unseen.



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TxA 2017 Design Awards Announcement

"Lessons of the Coast" by Christopher Ferguson - TEXAS ARCHITECT (March/April 2017)

"New Attraction: Park-goes can camp in the middle of a marsh in East Texas" (San Antonio Express-News)

"Students Build Awareness about the Gulf Coast" (UT News Aug. 2017)



Project Team: Nevin Blum, Michelle Cantu, Connie Chang, Coleman Coker (Prof.), Claire Fontaine, Evan Greulich, Asher Intebi, Marissa Jordan, Estrella Juarez, Kelsey Kaiser, Kevin Keating, Amy McDonnold, Ashley Nguyen, and Raquel Royal

Sea Rim State Park, Sabine Pass, TX, Spring 2016, Gulf Coast DesignLab, Advanced Studio (Coleman Coker)


site observations


working drawings

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