How can a chair invite you to rest?


At its best, a chair, like a room, is a generous vessel to be within.

Made of two pillowy, curved masses of Texan Mesquite that are held by two x-frames of Maple, this chair offers to hold you. These two distinct woods resonate together in striking harmony.

Calibrated to the specific, bodily needs of reading while sitting, its relaxed incline is surprisingly comfortable. Its frame articulates a balance of grace and solidity, bending and bracing to resist gravity's pull with quiet confidence. By both freeing your elbows and cradling your neck, it lulls you into daydreaming. Most of all, this chair expresses holding through its sinuous lines, varied joinery, and distinct stance.


Fall 2016 (8 weeks), Wood Design (Mark Macek)





Concept and process sketches


Glimpses of the making process


Final Review